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Healthy Eating Pointers

Healthy eating can be a challenge especially if you are not sure exactly what you should be eating. Unfortunately what you should be eating is really dependent on your goals and what your daily routine looks like. Are you looking to maintain weight, build more muscle mass, are you idle most of the day, or do you workout a lot?

Generally speaking a well balanced meal with appropriate portion sizes is what the average person needs to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight. As soon as you start talking about building muscle and being very active though, you need more calories, proteins, fiber, etc.

What we recommend is speaking with one of our trainers so they can gauge what you do in the day, how much activity you will have, and what your goals are. From there they can help you develop the appropriate meal plan and help guide your eating habits.

If you are interested in a fitness program and a meal plan that works get in touch with us and we will set you up with a trainer to discuss everything!

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