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“Everything begins with nutrition and a positive mental attitude. Couple that with a resistance training and cardiovascular program, and you have a recipe for success,” Tom says.


Believing that a sound nutrition plan is the most important thing you can do for yourself, he is adamant that you must train your body in every way, and eating is one of those! He stresses this to all his clients: athletes, bodybuilders and people who don’t want to let an age number dictate who they are.


Able to motivate people in his own way, Tom doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Telling it “like it is” gives his clients a realistic approach to fitness. That approach allows them to set achievable goals and, in turn, paves the way for them to continuously set and reach new goals.

Tom is a professional bodybuilder with the IFPA and NGA.  In 2016 he won his Pro debut. Training hard every day to step on the stage once again is a top goal for him.

“When I step on stage I firmly believe that nobody has worked harder or trained harder than I have. This thought process is how I approach my training and nutrition, too.” Leading by example is one thing that he will never let go of. Allowing clients see how hard work and dedication can be a major benefit, Tom hopes that he is giving his clients the motivation to better themselves daily.


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