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This program is kicked off by a very intense 3-day weekend boot camp kickstart.  This will set the intensity for the remaining 7 weeks and will give you time with your team of women that you will bond and grow with.  You will receive a list of everything you will need, what to eat and what to expect in these 3 days.


The following 6 weeks consist of a  challenging workout program With Personalized macros and changes to get you to your personal best. Progress will be monitored through our own training app. Pics and Weigh-ins will be uploaded weekly for Donna to see what progress you have made along with what changes she needs to make. 7th week of prep for a professional photo shoot to show off your overall progress.


This consists of one teamwork out a week for an hour and a half geared towards team challenges that will push you out of your comfort zone.  These are all points and result-driven and will play a big part in your results and overall win.  You will follow along with our TRAINING AP  with a total of 5-7 days of workouts total.  This is designed for weight loss, performance and ramping up weekly for the end game.


Week 7 will be a peak week that will be the final dial in and get you to your ultimate best.  We will bring in professional fitness photographers for our last team day and will be the ultimate and finish of this intense but very rewarding program.  This is truly a life-changing experience.


Must have a general knowledge of the weight room.  This is geared towards intermediate and advanced fitness levels.  Must have some knowledge of macros and tracking your food.



About the Coach – Dona Burick has been a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast for the last 35 years.  Owner of 3dfit for the last 16 years and developed a brand, developed many successful programs and interned her complete staff.  She has trained lifestyle clients, competitors, athletes and pageant girls of all ages and fitness levels.


7-week Program



Meeting/ sessions


3-day bootcamp  Saturday 11-2 Sunday 9-11 Monday 7:30-9:00 pm First weekend at start of camp


7:30-9:00 pm Wednesday


What’s included – 24-hour access and Level 1cardio classes for the durations of your program, and Team Photo Shoot.


Cost $1200

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