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Track Your Progress In 3D...

Exercise can be difficult to do for some people especially when it seems like, in your eyes, you're not seeing any results. Fortunately, at 3DFIT we offer some of the most innovative systems to track your progress in 3D so you can see EXACTLY how your body has been changing since you started a fitness program.


3D Body Scanning is not just about weight loss (though that is what many people use it for) it can also be used to see where you are building muscle mass, how much you have built since your last scan, and more importantly whether or not you need to make changes to your fitness regimen.


Having the ability to track your progress by instantly taking measurements over your entire body is a huge step up from the days of using a tape measure. Now within seconds, you can scan your body and view reports showing you all of the changes that occurred since your last scan!


Obviously, people see changes in the way their clothes fit or here comments like "Hey have you been losing weight" while on our programs, but, this gives you a visual tool to help push your fitness program even further! 


Interested in learning more about 3D Body Scanning? Stop out and speak to one of our staff members today!


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