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I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and RYT200 Certified Yoga Instructor.  I joined the 3dfit staff in July 2015.  Yoga has brought me an incredible sense of empowerment, strength, and flexibility and it’s very rewarding to see so many at 3dfit working to achieve these same goals through my yoga classes and other programs and classes they are participating in. 


Incorporating yoga into your overall fitness venture will make you stronger physically and emotionally, and bring fitness of body and mind to a whole new level!


I teach 3 yoga classes each week at 3dfit, coach an Extreme 36 Challenge team, and do Personal Training.  I have participated in four Extreme Bikini Camps and several other programs here.  Each program, each workout further ingrains in me the desire to stay healthy and to continue to live this new healthy lifestyle that I opted for a few years ago.  If I can pass along anything to my clients and students it is to be healthy and be happy! 


Whether teaching or coaching or training, I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned and to help empower and motivate those who are struggling or unsure where to start! 

3DFIT Ultimate Fitness Arena - Jeanne -


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