3D Fit Ultimate Fitness Arena - Extreme 80 Fitness Program - Gym


Step Up To A Challenge...

Designed to take your fitness and strength to the new levels.


You will attend 2 group workouts a week with Kristy and will follow along with 3 additional workouts through our FITNESS APP with programs designed for you leaving a total of 5-6 days of workouts in the weight room. Cardio is 3 times a week with access to our level 1 cardio classes.


Also included is 3 body scans, weekly weigh-ins, and individual macros.



About the Coach – Kristy Cameron has been a coach and trainer at 3DFIT for 5 years along with being a Tennis coach/trainer for 25 years.



8-week program


Meet times/sessions

Monday 6:30 pm and Saturday 9:30 am


Monday 5:30 pm and Friday at 5:30 pm


Cost $399


+1 (734) 692-3482


12425 Nixon Ave, Riverview, MI 48193


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