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Step Up To A Challenge...

Looking to get into a bikini body this year? Our Extreme 350 fitness program is just what you're looking for. This intense fitness program is a great step to take before going into our popular Extreme Bikini Boot Camp. 


This will teach you the fundamentals for the various workouts we use and help you get conditioned to where you need to be for the boot camp. Doing this program prior to the Extreme Bikini Boot Camp will allow you to get the most out of the boot camp when you do it as well!


This program is done in our state of the art weight room and on the turf doing functional training, cardio, weight training, and more.


As an added bonus anyone enrolled in the program also gets the trainerize app and coaching with one of our professional trainers.


Get in here and let's make something happen!

The video below is from our Extreme 36 Kickoff. Check it out!