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Step Up To A Challenge...

  • I want to lose weight

  • I want to tone up/add a little definition to my physique

  • I want to make it consistently to the Gym

  • I want to get healthy and feel better.


Do any of these desires resonate home with you? Then look no further than 3DFit Ultimate Fitness Arena.


We offer 3 unique structured programs designed to help you transition into a fitness lifestyle change. Nearly 80% of our “new-comers” begin their journey with our Extreme36 Six Week Challenge. You are literally coached, motivated and inspired to meet your fitness goals. For 6 weeks, you will commit to 3 visits a week plus weekly weigh-ins and nutrition guides. Our Extreme 36 challenge guarantees results!


For more advanced fitness members, we have the Advanced Extreme36 Six Week Challenge and finally our Bikini Boot Camp Challenge for the ladies looking to get beach front ready any time of the year!


For the guys, we do offer a Brute Challenge with our top trainers Billy and/or Tom, which offers a realistic, yet challenging change to your diet. The men also learn the proper techniques to lifting weights for sustainable results.

All of our challenges come with dietary structure as well as weight room performance guidance.


At 3DFit, the goal is to help you make incremental and sustainable changes to your nutrition habits. These changes will help you retain muscle and burn fat without making you feel like you have to starve yourself.

3DFIT Ultimate Fitness Arena - Riverview


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