Step Up To A Challenge...

This is the second stage of your fitness journey at 3D Fit. This program will allow you to become more independent with your workouts and will be a stage where you will build up your calories to a maintainable level.


Low calories for too long will work against you and cause you to stall in fat loss and muscle growth. The workouts are given to you to complete on your own at our facility during open hours.


After completing a few Advanced Extreme 36’s you will be prepared to participate in an Extreme Bikini Camp.



You will receive:

  • New workouts on the first of every month that is structured to give more muscle development and an all over fitter look.

  • 24 cardio class passes along with a cardio plan of when and how much you should do.

  • Coaching and weigh in on Mondays geared to keep changing your food intake and ratios, The goal is to give an individual approach to open up your metabolism and give you more food as you go without weight gain. 

  • 10 class passes for our Advanced Extreme 36 training times that will increase your endurance/strength and train you like we train our competitors.

  • 2 90-minute bootcamps a month to kick it up a notch and give you a fat burning edge.



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